Artur Marek Kaminski

Past President


Graduated from Ist Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland.
PhD thesis and habilitation at the Medical University of Warsaw.

  • Specialist in general surgery and cranio-maxillo-facial surgery.
  • Involved in tissue banking for 25 years.
  • Head of the Department of Transplantology and Central Tissue Bank at the Medical University of Warsaw.
  • Director of the National Centre of Tissue and Cell Banking, which is a Competent Authority for tissues and cells in Poland.


Areas of Interest

  • Quality and safety of human tissue grafts
  • Effect of different preservation procedures and radiation-sterilization on tissue graft’s properties
  • Effect of radiation-sterilisation on musculoskeletal tissue grafts metabolism, bone mineralization, somatic cells cultures in vitro, allograft derived scaffolds for tissue engineering.



  • Project Leader in two Transition Facility (2004 and 2006) projects;
  • participant of programmes of Community action in the field of health (EQSBT, EUSTITE, Euro-GTPs, SOHOV&S),
  • involved in TAIEX activities in tissue and cell banking area,
  • Project Leader of scientific grants in area of tissue banking and tissue engineering;
  • responsible for establishing inspection system for tissue and cell establishments in Poland,
  • inspector of tissue and cell establishments,
  • responsible for creation of training programmes for tissue and cell establishments personnel,
  • responsible for establishing of serious adverse event and reaction reporting system in Poland,
  • responsible for application of computer systems and coding systems in tissue banking practice in Poland.
  • Author and co-author of over 70 scientific publications including book chapters and over 150 conference abstracts.