EATB Training Grants

Scope of the grants

Both EATB grants (“training abroad” and “in-house training”) shall improve technical knowledge and skills and support the exchange of knowledge in the field of tissue banking.

Grant  “Training Abroad”

This grant is offered to EATB members wishing to undertake a training visit in another tissue bank in a European country, to learn new methods useful for the work in his tissue bank at home and to get insights in the processes of the other tissue bank. A practical part can be part of the training visit, but is not mandatory.

EATB offers funding for two individual EATB members with a maximum of € 1,000 each per year (including VAT), where the “training abroad”- this grant can be used to cover expenses for travel and accommodation.

Grant  “In-house Training“

This grant supports EATB members when the wish to invite a tissue banking expert from other related organizations/ institutions for a training/ education lecture to their own tissue bank.

Funding is offered for 3 individual EATB members with a maximum of € 500 each per year (including VAT), where the “in-house training”- this grant can be used to cover expenses for travel and accommodation of the invited expert.


Grant applications may be submitted via e-mail to the EATB office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at any time until the end of a calendar year. The decision will be taken at the EATB Board meeting in Spring.

The application should include the following information:

  • Name of applicant, name and address of affiliated tissue bank (post and e-mail address)
  • Name and address of tissue bank to be visited or name of invited speaker and their affiliated tissue bank (post and e-mail address)
  • Letter from Director of the tissue bank to be visited (in case of “training abroad”)
  • Letter from invited speaker accepting the invitation of the tissue bank (in case of “in-house training”)
  • Bank details including name, address, account number and swift code where the funds shall be transferred
  • Curriculum vitae of applicant
  • Purpose of the training visit or of the invited presentation
  • Forecast of the expenses


  • Only active EATB members can apply, both individual or institutional
  • Active EATB members can be awarded a grant only once in 5 years period
  • EATB Board members or their institutions may not apply during their active participation in the Board.
  • EATB Permanent Scientific Committee members or their institutions may not apply during their active participation in the Committee
  • EATB must be informed if a grant from another association is awarded for the same training.
  • The awarded training grant must be used within 12 months after the award is granted. EATB must be notified of any changes from the original application.
  • The awarded EATB member must send a final report together with the verifiable costs (min. 1 page), a short presentation (3 slides) and a confirmation of the visited tissue bank or the invited expert after his awarded training in order to receive the money. Costs can only be reimbursed if there is verification that it has been used as intended.

For “training abroad”, € 1000 is the maximum, for “in-house training” € 500, for each award. If costs are lower, then the rest of the award stays with EATB.

  • EATB may cancel the training grant and demand repayment if the financial support was obtained under false pretenses or not used for the intended purpose, if the obligation to submit the final report is not fulfilled, or for any other sound reason.
  • Awarded EATB members will be presented with names, picture, place of work and awarded training details on the EATB website (membership area).
  • EATB awards a training grant, but does not include any kind of insurance or liability for costs and consequences caused by accidents, illness, cancellations for the awarded EATB member

Selection process

All grant applications will be reviewed by EATB office for completeness as well as by EATB Board and EATB’s permanent scientific committee.

  • Proof of active EATB membership status and not awarded a training grant within last 5 years
  • Relevance of the application to knowledge exchange in tissue banking
  • Consultation of EATB’s permanent scientific committee
  • Once a decision is reached, EATB informs the applicant immediately.
  • The list of awarded individuals or institutions will be published on EATB web page. With the application the applicant accepts to be published.